choreographic statements


The last 2 years I am interested in the physicality of the body not from a point of view (movement as aesthetically pleasing) but from a point of energy (movement having an energetic affect both on the performer’s and the spectator’s bodies).

In this way I am organically moving towards an identity of a performance artist while at the same time I am carrying a dance maker’s and performer’s history and experience. In other words my work blends these two art forms (performance and performing art) allowing the body to become both a vessel of esoteric information as well as an ‘able’ embodiment of it.

I have been developing the practice of ‘IntuNition’ in my last three works (AGAIN, Tune In and IntuNition) as a way to move from intuition and tune into that reality.

This creative practice focuses on being in the now via different meditations which aim at tuning into ones personal rhythm (heart and breath) and then translating the information that comes into movement, or rather embodying the present moment. The basic tool for the works created, which of course are all improvisations, is repetition as a very organic way to keep in touch with the present. Repetition is deeply rooted in most of ancient rituals and so in a way as a human and as an artist I am very much enjoying rediscovering my nature and connecting to my species from my own present moment.

Each time I perform my solo ‘Tune in’ for example there is no time or space or identity/ego.

There is only now.

Lia Haraki, 2013


What interests me is the constant internal movement of individuals from state to state, its extension to the physical level and the process of witnessing it.

Taking for granted that the moment always changes to the next one, I see time and space as moveable elements that form what we know as reality. Reality then is a forever changing life frame. The piece of art work in my opinion functions as a frame within the life frame, where new realities are being created as realities and at the same time these have the possibility, to comment on the world as we know it.

Through unconventional physical behaviors and the use of the body in extra-ordinary ways I create these alternative realities were humans can act and interact with each other on a new basis, that "makes sense" within the logic of the piece.

My medium is the body with all its knowledge, expertise, experience, identity, human nature, psychology, spirituality, memory, feelings, fears, dreams and ambitions.

Lia Haraki, 2013