Eleana was born in Cyprus in 1986. She trained in dance from a young age in classical and modern ballet. In 2009, she graduated with a Bachelors Degree with Honours from Bath Spa University, UK on performance and choreography. She is currently doing a post-graduate degree in Physical Theatre at the Royal Holloway University in London.

She has been working professionally as a performer since 2004 with artists from Cyprus and the UK. These include Roes Dance Theatre, touring around Cyprus and the UK, Lambros Lambrou, for the production ‘Aphrodite and Adonis’ in 2004, Precarious Physical Theatre and Multimedia, for the production ‘The Factory’, performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2008 and touring around the UK until May 2009. In 2009 she also worked with Interact and Chorotheatro Omada Pente. She collaborated with .pelma.liaharaki on 3 projects: ‘Islanding’ (2009), ‘Giraffe’ (2010), performing at the European Dance Festival 2010 and the Kalamata Dance Festival 2010 and ‘The Feast’ (2010), a site-specific production set in restaurants.

She also co-directed and performed a site-specific improvisation evening for the Dance House Lemesos called ‘Re4m’ in December 2009. Furthermore, she works as a freelance teacher of contemporary dance and contact improvisation

After having trained as a dramaturge, Guy Cools became involved with the new developments in dance in Flanders from the 1980's, initially as a dance critic and from 1990 onwards as theatre and dance director of Arts Centre Vooruit in Ghent. In that capacity he was responsible for a large number of co-productions and collaborations with a variety of international dance companies. As vice-president of the Dance Council he contributed to the cultural policy towards dance of the Flemish Community.

He curated dance events in Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Venice and Montreal. He is still working as an artistic consultant for amongst others Place des Arts-Montreal. He left Vooruit to dedicate himself fulltime to production dramaturgy with amongst others Koen Augustijnen (Les Ballets C. de la B.), Sara Wookey (Amsterdam-LA), Lia Haraki (Cyprus), Daniele Desnoyers (Montreal), Akram Khan, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Sylvie Guillem (London), and to return to his old passions of teaching, writing, giving workshops, lecturing and publishing in Belgium, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and Greece. Since 2004, he lives in Montreal-Canada.

…”If there is anything interesting in composing -with or without computers- is the opportunity to deal with ,abstract concepts while manipulating concrete material. In particular, computer-based compositional systems provide extended control over sound properties and aspects of musical structure presenting the opportunity to merge those two into new musical forms.”…Pandelis Diamantides has been active at the intersection of electronic “art” music (academic/nonacademic), “new” music and “pop” electronic music; reinvented media of electronic music production and redefined aesthetics as to approach a broader audience to communicate an artistic message talking the language of “pop” culture while using cutting-edge techniques for music composition and performance. This tendency is a manifestation of a post-digital (music) culture. His debut album “Green” was released by Bigo & Twigetti label (London, UK) in September 2011 and rereleased, only some months later, by Linn Records in hi-resolution for the audiophile. The success of this album is now following a series of interesting collaborations with the visual artist Emmanuel Flores Elias (Monotone Studio), animator Arturo Castro (Reactable Development Team) and choreographer Lia Haraki (.pelma.). His music is presented in places like the prestigious TodaysArt Festival and Bozar Museum and featured in broadcasts like Late Junction on BBC Radio 3. This June, 2013 his compositions, "Tune In" & "Green" are travelling with .pelma. to Venice Biennale, Athens Festival and Tanec Praha.

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Evi was born in Limassol, Cyprus in 1972. She initially studied Law in the U.K. Lancaster University LLB(HONS). She returned to Cyprus and practiced the legal profession at P.L.Cacoyiannis & Co for some time.She then worked as District Youth Officer for the Cyprus Youth Board. She was responsible for the Information, Co-ordination and Alignment of the local Youth Clubs, with the policies and programmes of the Council of Europe. In this frame she organized events and activities incorporating and introducing European Programs. She also observed and reported on Cyprus Bi-Communal Youth Activities at the Council of Europe.Later on she began her studies of Creative Arts with The Open College of Arts U.K. and in the meantime studied the healing qualities of colours as well as the function and colour of the energy centres inside the body.From there the project ‘Kidstuff’ developed, which produced paintings for children and the child within. She had her first solo exhibition in 2007 ’We are meant to shine like Children Do’, Limassol. ( child within, led her to her next project ‘Life Shift’ which is the practice of shifting our consciousness in order to shift from fear based living, to Love based Being. She is invited to give talks as well as personal and group sessions on this topic.

When Lia Haraki asked her to mentor ‘Tune In’, Evi who truly appreciates and admires Lia’s work and creative talent, was more than happy to explore this more immediate form of Art form. Their collaboration led to the mentoring of the ‘IntuNition’ project where Evi also took part as a performer on stage. The mentoring process included the teaching of meditation practices as well as an outside eye to the creative process.Furthermore she started teaching the ‘IntuNition’ workshops together with Lia Haraki in venues in Cyprus and in festivals in Europe (Tanec Praha, Studio works Cologne) to dancers and non dancers contributing in this way in the generous sharing of the methodologies that were developed in the creative processes of the pieces.Evi is more than happy to continue her journey and explore new grounds in performing and Performance Art that allow a broad enough spectrum for freedom of expression and manifestation.

Marios Ioannou is an actor/performer born in Paphos and currently based in Limassol. His love for theatre since a very early age led him to pursue acting studies at the Academy of the National Theatre of Greece from where he graduated in 1994. As an actor for twenty years Marios has been blessed with many roles some of which include: the madman in Gogol's "Diary of a Madman", the pope of Vatican in "Faustus" by Christofer Marlowe, Woyzeck from the classic masterpiece of Georg Buchners, Ben in the staging of "Dogville", Ifighenia, Cassandra and Helena in the ancient Greek trilogy devised by himself. He cooperated with fine directors both in Greece and Cyprus. His acting repertoire is impressive and extensive, ranging from ancient tragedy to contemporary devised theatre and stand-up comedy shows. He is currently touring in Europe with the theatre piece "The Fear Industry". He has also been staring in numerous film productions impressing with the most diverse of roles. Hollywood Reporter compliments his performance as endearing and subtle in "Fish n Chips" which won third price at the Toronto Film Festival in 2011. Stunning the critics at the Thessaloniki Film Festival as the leading actor in the film "Kalabush" he earned the prized Award for Best Leading Actor. He has been staring in 3 new productions-"Bourek","Rosemarie" and "Sunrise in Kimmeria". He has appeared as an actor in more than thirty movies. He has cooperated with Lia Haraki in the past and he considers working with her, refreshing and challenging. The Performance shop is a project he dearly loves and believes in.
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Born in Belgrade. Came to Cyprus in1992 and started working in E.TH.A.L as light designer. Over the years he has worked with variety of artists, directors, etc. and was involved in big productions (theater plays, musicals, dancing performances, live concerts, operas etc.). He is living in Limassol and still doing what he likes most: lighting design.

Petros was born in Nicosia, Cyprus in 1988. Graduated from the Dance Department of University of Nicosia with first class standing and is a holder of a Mathematics and Statistics degree from University of Cyprus. On 2012 he participated in the DanceWeb Scholarship program 2012, part of the ImpulsTanz festival in Vienna, Austria. The previous years Petros has collaborated as a performer with .pelma, Selas Dance Company, Asomates Dinameis, Christos Polimenakos, Doris Uhlich, Christina Patsali and Nimrod Freed.

Polys Peslikas (born 1973) is a visual artist who works with painting and photography. Since 1996 he presents his work in Cyprus and abroad. He is part of the creative team of the magazine Isterografo (Fileleftheros). He has also collaborated with various Cypriot choreographers as an art director.
She studied Furniture Restoration and Craftsmanhip at Buckinghamshire College of Brunel University (BA Hons - UK) and holds an MA in Furniture Design and Technology from Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College (MA - UK). She has been teaching in Tertiary Education since 2003 and collaborating in the field of contemporary dance and theatre since 2005. She also designs, makes and exhibits her own contemporary furniture/ three dimensional designs. During the past year she has been experimenting with movement videos which have participated in European experimental video festivals.
Michalis Koromias is a graduate of the Vladimiros Kafkaridis School of Dramatic Art (2003 - 3006). He also graduated from the Pedagogical Faculty of the University of Cyprus in 2002, after four years of studying. In 2008 he is participating in the serial of Sigma Tv channel «Se fonto kokkino». He has participated in the 2007 CyBc tv-series "The generations of Silence" and in 2006 he presented the CyBc program "We young Europeans". He has taken part in several theatrical performances such as: Haraki Lia, En Iko(2008). Choreography, Direction: Lia HarakI, Aristophanes, Plutus (2008). Director: Nichos Charalambous. TH.O.C, Nikos Kazantzakis, Melissa (2007). Director: Nichos Charalambous, Es Afroditin, Aries Love (2007). Direction: Annita Santorineos, George MouaimisEuripedes, Iphigenia in Aulis (2006), Director: Nichos Charalambous. (Kypria Festival), Haraki Lia, Monday Mourning (2006). Choreography, Direction: Lia Haraki. 6th Platform dance at the Rialto Theatre, Limassol. Aeschylus, Trilogy: Myrmidons, Nereid, Phrygians. TH.O.C. Epidaurus Festival (2004). Director: Nichos Charalambous.  Movement: Lia Charaki, Forever is gonna start tonight. (2004). Director: Christodoulos Panagiotou. 1st Dance Festival in Medieval Castle, Limassol. Michalis has also worked as a radio producer, hosting a three-hour show on Deejay Radio in Cyprus since 2006.
Born in Limassol in 1982. Began ballet classes at the age of four at Nadina Loizidou private ballet school. Became a member of a cultural dance and choir group "Diastasi" in 1998. In September 2001 enrolled in three year professional programme of studies in contemporary dance and choreography in Salzburg Experimental academy of dance (S.E.A.D). In early 2004 qualified for the exchange programme offered by S.E.A.D with New York University dance department (TISCH School of Arts), for six weeks of summer workshops working with New York choreographers and viewing their current work. June 2004 graduated from S.E.A.D with a degree majoring in Dance Performance. Returned to Cyprus in August 2004 and up to August 2007 took part in a number of performances that took place in Cyprus and abroad from local dance companies such as Pelma, Solipsism, Interact, Chorotheatro Omada Pente as well as "Diastasi", and a production with the National Theatre of Cyprus. Also, taught in various dance schools in Limassol, ballet and contemporary dance techniques. Was assistant choreographer to Antonio Collandrea in December 2006 for the dance company DanceCyprus. During this period took workshops with Chris Harring, Lyn Snelling and Guy Cools, Machi Lindhall, Kurt Koegel. Currently studying for a Masters in Contemporary Dance Education in Frankfurt am Main as part of a two year programme.

Alexander Michael began his formal training at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre, where he studied. While in Toronto, he had an opportunity to perform with some of the leading choreographers in the area, including David Earl, Tricia Beatty, Danny Grossman, and Newton Moraes.

In 1997, Mr. Michael moved to New York on a full Coca Cola scholarship to the distinguished Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance. He was the principal of the Graham Ensemble, and has performed with Pascal Rioult, Megatron, and Maher Benham. An injury led him away from the dance world and towards a successful international modeling career. Upon returning to Cyprus, Alexander began dancing again. He had a fruitful collaboration with Lia Haraki appearing in many of her productions, as well as Alexandra Waierstall, Christodoulos Panayiotou, Chorotheatro Omada Pente, Karolina Constantinou. His choreographic career began with "Piazzolla Meditteraneo", a series of duets performed with live music. This led to a collaboration with Jeunesses Musicales, under which he has shown his work. He soon followed with his first entry at the 2005 Annual Contemporary Dance Platform and has been a permanent part of the Cypriot dance scene in the past three years.

Born Limassol 1977. Contrary to being a reluctant artist, Loizos studied Fine Art with Art practice and the Community and has recently completed a Drawing MA exploring cutting as drawing and as an erotic gesture through performance, photography and video. He is addicted to sound, horror films and collecting indie magazines. He is currently interested in experimental singers and field recordings. He is employed as an arts educator but is open to suggestions.
Born 1978 in Limassol (Cyprus) Christodoulos Panayiotou's works are performance-based and collectively span every level of what one could describe as a spectrum of the performative in art - - from creating a space for an activity such as dancing, directing actors and events, to the recording and tracing of both the artist's and society's 'performances'. Formed in a range of media, often incorporating video and sound within installation, Panayiotou's aesthetic interventions often reference political stimuli and yet can be read in a multitude of ways.

In 2005 Panayiotou won the 4th DESTE Prize. He has recently exhibited in The Museum Of Modern Art Oxford, The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, Platform - Platform Garanti (Istnabul), Den Frie (Copehnagen), Taipen Biennale (Taiwan), Busan Biennale (Korea).
He is currently a resident artist at Kenstlerhaus Bethanien (Berlin).
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Christina was born in Cyprus 1985. She trained from small age in classical and modern dance techniques. Graduated her first degree (B.S) in 2006 from Aristotelio University Thessaloniki in the department of Physical Education and Sports Science and her second degree in dance (B.A) in 2010 from the Univercity of Nicosia. During this period also took a particular training in Yoga and Pilates and from 2007 has been working as a Pilates and Yoga instructor. From 2009 Christina has collaborated as a performer with “Interact co.” , “Omada Pente co.” , “Ekpnoe co.” , “Sellas co” , “Asomates Dynamis co.” , “Tami Dance co.” , Konnaris Petros.Christina had her first collaboration with pelma.liaharaki on “Intunition” project , pilot program for the year 2012 and in the 2013 performed a duet “The shape of necessity” for the 13 Contemporary Dance Platform in Cyprus.

Disciplines: Photo, Video & Movement/Dance Born 1973 in Famagusta, Cyprus. Began studies in New York City as a Double Major in Dance and Fine Art Photography with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree from 1991-1996. Later continued with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree 1996-1997 and a Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) Degree concentrating in Photography and Video Art 1997-2001. During the last years of living in New York, 2002-2004 attended additional Masters Degree courses exploring and practicing New Forms of Art, Video Dance andFilmmaking. Currently a freelancer and Independent Artist since returning to Cyprus from New York in 2004, working in the disciplines of Video Art, Photography, Installation and Movement.
Cathryn Robson is a trained vocalist and internationally qualified voice coach versed in the latest singing and teaching methods. Her coaching experience spans a decade and includes both private tuition and group classes from beginner to advanced singers. Cathryn studied singing and composition at Brighton University and Goldsmiths College, London, in addition to performance training with English National Opera's 'The Knack'. Her singing experience includes contemporary, jazz and classical repertoire. She is a certified voice coach with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music and a member of AOTOS (Association of Teachers of Singing, UK) and the PRS (Performing Rights Society). She has performed and recorded extensively throughout the UK and Europe, including appearances on Classic FM, Radio 3, Liberty Radio, London and BBC Radio Napa. Current collaborations include projects with British composer Billy Cowie on the installation 'Ghosts in the Machine', (Brighton Festival, UK, 2009) and with choreographer Lia Haraki on the contemporary dance pieces 'Pretendance' and 'Party Animals' (Athens, Prague, London and Cyprus 2009).
Alexis Vassiliou was born in Limassol in 1978. He completed a Bachelor degree in music at the University of East Anglia, UK (1998-2001) and further specialized in Composition of Music for Films and Theatre at the University of Bristol, UK (2001-2002). From 2002-2007 he worked as a music teacher in schools, piano tutor and music composer for theatrical plays and dance pieces. Between 2003 and 2007 he took classical and contemporary dance classes with various dance teachers in Cyprus. He then went on to study dance at Trinity-Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in the United Kingdom (2007-2008), under the sponsorship of the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus. While a student there, he received the Sylvia Bodmer Memorial Fund Award Prize in Choreological Studies and also worked with choreographers Lizzi Kew-Ross and Fleur Darkin. During the summer of 2008 he went to Austria as a Dance-Web scholarship holder for the 25th ΙmpulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival. In 2009 he founded his own group under the name “Nothing To Declare”. A group which focuses mainly on creating and presenting performing art projects in Cyprus and abroad. He has, since then, directed two performances: “Blissfully Happy” (2009) and “Peep Hole” (2010). Since 2009 he has been working in Cyprus as a performer and choreographer with local dance and theatre companies such as Pelma, Solipsism, Interact, Chorotheatro Omada Pende, Omada One/Off, Versus, and Thok. From 2009 he has also been teaching an Improvisation class for Non-Professional Dancers at Dance House Lemesos.
Born 1981 in Limassol, Cyprus. Studied Photography in the Department of Photography at TEI of Athens. Gained experience as a printer at the photographic laboratory of the University of Fine ArtsAthens. During his studies he participated on the Erasmus project on AFAD Bratislava, Slovakia. Currently working as a freelance photographer in the fields of press photo, dance and stage photography. Photographic work has been published in various books and exhibited in Cyprus and abroad.
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