.pelma.lia haraki

I have been creating work since 2003 in Limassol Cyprus with a very precious group of improvisers with whom we grew up and developed together in art and life! We share a common understanding of how performance can be a great awakening force on a spiritual and idealistic level, but also the only way to be responsible for our sanity in a crazy world of consumption and violence.

I am in a process of understanding what more I can do for humanity from my position as a human/artist/mother but I always come back to the same thought, ‘Keep creating consciously’

Lia Haraki



pelma.lia haraki is the creative structure that supports, produces and presents Lia Haraki’s work locally and internationally. It is the artistic frame where Lia and her long time collaborators come together and play, discuss and make art. It was created by Lia Haraki in 2003 and for the first year of its existence it also hosted visual artist Christodoulos Panayiotou.

.pelma. lia haraki is funded majorly by the Ministry of Culture Cyprus –cultural services and by producers and co-producers for several individual projects.

The artistic culture has been a major driving force behind the development of contemporary dance in Cyprus by connecting international curators and institutions to the Cyprus scene. For years the group was resident at Dance House Lemesos and later at a new space called ‘The Performance Shop’ which is one of Lia’s latest projects.

Long-time collaborators include Arianna Marcoulides (performer), Eleana Alexandrou (performer), Petros Konnaris (performer), Christina Patsali (performer), Guy Cools (dramaturge), Christos Hadjichristou (Composer/musician), Marios Ioannou (Actor), Evie Haraki Mahera (mentor) and many guest artists.


Since its creation in 2003 .pelma.lia haraki has been producing over 20 works for the stage, site specific and one on one performances, workshops, discussions, participations in EU Programmes and curatorial projects.