IntuNition Workshop in Nicosia
with dance and performance artist Lia Haraki and
artist/energy worker Evi Haraki Mahera

Being in tune with being
and moving from that reality

If we assume that one can move from intuition rather than any other stimulus, then we would have to open ourselves to the possibility that one already ‘knows’ before actually knowing that he/she knows. This attitude of faith and trust in the way the self manifests the present moment physically and energetically is at the basis of the IntuNition practice.

In the workshop the body will be treated as a vessel of information and undoubted knowledge and will be given the chance to explore its vast universe beyond the limits of form and matter. Participants will have a chance to be introduced to the basic principles of the practice which include meditation techniques, repetitive movement as a tool for transformation, work in nature, rituals of cleansing and opening while a big emphasis will be given to working with the heart body part.
The workshop can be a great tool for stress free living, energy management and balance, raising awareness, dissolving feelings of fear and guilt, opening the creative self through physical activity and embracing individual uniqueness.


Workshop themes:
• Attaining and maintaining I AM Presence
• Body Balancing (physical/mental/emotional/spiritual)
• Unity Consciousness (alone/all-one)
• Be moved from within. Recognizing the impulse (working from the heart)
• Repetition-variation-transformation (motion/emotion)
• The voice as a vibrating force


Who can participate:
All kinds of individuals of different age, sex, gender, race, profession with a strong interest in movement and curiosity to find connections between the formed and formless self. No previous dance experience is needed.


6 hours including lunch break (10.00-16.00)


Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Evi at 99848840


Prize: 25 euro , 20 euro for students


Previous IntuNition workshops:
• Dance House Lemesos November 2012
• Studio 11 Cologne March 2013
• Tanec Praha festival June 2013
• Venice Biennale for visual arts June 2013
• Pop-up festival Nicosia
• Dimitria festival Thessaloniki

Place and time:
17th November 10.00 am -16.00 pm
University of Nicosia, Performing Arts building studio 2, 46 Makedonitissas Ave. , 1700 Nicosia, Cyprus

Lia Haraki:
Born in Limassol, Cyprus, Lia Haraki earned her BA Hons in Dance Theatre Studies at the Laban Centre for Movement and Dance in London in 1996. She has been creating works for the stage and site specific since 2003.
Her works have been presented in festivals such as the Athens Festival, Aerowaves London, Tanec Praha, Julidans Amsterdam, Kleines Haus Dresden, euro-scene Leipzig, the Kalamata International Festival, Royal Festival Hall London, Unesco Paris, Bozar Brussels and have been produced by organizations such as the Athens festival, Tanzherbst Dresden, Art Stations foundation Poland.

The pieces "Evergreen" and "Pretendance" were in the Aerowaves final list (2004, 2009) and her solos "Evergreen" and "Eye to I" have won the Cyprus Platform choreography award.
Lia is a lecturer at the Dance Programme of the University of Nicosia in Cyprus.
In 2003 she founded .pelma. which is a creative structure that supports produces and presents performing and performance art that challenges, redefines and progresses dance and physicality today.
In 2005 she initiated the creation of Dance House Lemesos, the first space for professional dance in Cyprus. Through her active participation in networks such as Aerowaves London and danceWEB Europe Vienna (representing Cypriot young artists), Lia Haraki has been providing a vital connection and exchange, between the dance community of Cyprus and the wider European landscape.
Her choreographic practices named ‘Standup PerformDance’ and ‘IntuNition’ have been taught by her and her collaborators in several festivals and Universities such as the Kalamata International festival, Dance House Tilburg, Venice Biennale and Impuls Tanz Vienna.

In 2013 she is touring with her pieces ‘Tune In’ and ‘the shape of necessity’ in different European festivals including the Venice Biennale Art exhibition while at the same time she is a selected artist in the ‘Act your Age’ European programme ( for her new creation related to aging called ‘Changing Skin’.

Evi Haraki Mahera:
Evi began this work with the study of various Theosophical Traditions. She initiated her healing work using Chromatotherapy as the base of her Visual Art project Kidstuff ( Kidstuff is about creating artworks that work as positive energy generators directed to children and the child within every human Being.
Evi is a Reiki practitioner and has undergone Children of the Sun- Rites of Passage 2012
Her practice consists of the combination of various disciplines such Arithmology, I AM Avatar Yoga, Breathing Techniques, DNA Codes Activation and other.
She is currently working with light frequencies in order to clear the body (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) of the debris accumulated though unaware living and heal/restore cleared body cells to their original state.
A big part of her healing work includes the mentoring the process of Lia Haraki’s Performance Art project Tune In, which is dealing with tuning into the heart and allowing movement to occur from that frequency. The knowledge of this process is being coached by Lia and Evi in workshops called IntuNition, dealing with how to move from intuition (