The RRR Workshop


The Record Replay React Workshop

A workshop by artist Lia Haraki
And sound composer Christos Hadjichristou

Workshop description:
In the RRR workshop we share with people different ways of using the body, voice and technology as creative and expressive tools. The source for the workshop's tasks are based on the findings discovered during the creative process of the piece 'The RRR Show', taking information also from Lia Haraki's choreographic practices 'Standup PerformDance' and 'IntuNition'.

The workshop is both physical and vocal (within each person's capability and limits) but it also includes writing and discussions. Movement, dance, sound, text and the use of the loop station are the creative tools used and explored.

More specifically the participants are asked to use material coming from their own life experience in terms of real conversations they had with people from their environment and then create a physical and vocal composition using also the help of the loop station. They are shown different ways of embodying these conversations so that they become the performance material.

The workshop takes place both inside and outside. During the 2 days the participants share with the rest of the group small 2-3 minute performances. On the last day there is an open showing of the short solos created during the process.

Participants don't have to be professional performers but need to have an interest in using their body as a tool of physical exploration within their own ability. At the same time they don't have to be good singers or actors but be ready to use their voice as an expressive tool. All ages of people can join over the age of 16. The workshop will be taught in English.

Who can participate:

  • Both professional artists and nonprofessional individuals can join. Persons of any age, profession or sex over 16.
  • A strong curiosity for movement, voice and text are needed and a desire to use these as expressive tools. They don't have to have a so called 'good movement' or a 'good voice'.
  • To have an open mind and be curious about new physical and vocal perspectives.

What to bring:

  • comfortable clothes and socks
  • a notebook and pen